December 21, 2009

Bed Rest by Dad

My love,
Some guidelines from the web .....
This is for the easiest level of bed rest ... Modified Bed Rest..
You dont want to see the rules for .... Strict bed rest or Complete Bedrest !!!

Do I have to stay in bed all day or can I move around? This will depend on the reason your health care provider has prescribed bed rest for you.

If your health care provider has advised you to rest most of the time, the following activity guidelines may apply to you.

Permitted activities:
* Short walk to the bathroom
* Sitting in a chair up to one hour
* Short walks in your home (no longer than 15 minutes)
* Standing for short periods of time in your home (no longer than 30 minutes)
* Working at a desk for less than one hour, but only if there is no stress
* Limited stair climbing
* A brief shower once a day

Activities that are not permitted:
* Activity that lasts more than one hour
* Heavy lifting
* Placing anything in your vagina
* Sexual activity

Your health care provider will be able to give you specific information about your medical condition and activity level.

te amo,
Glen ( ps: dont tell Dr Lana I read it on the internet !! )

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