January 31, 2010

Our little angel Luisa left us...

On the night of 29th, at 19h50 we lost our little girl. Luisa, 4 days 16 hours you were with us here in Sao Paulo. Luisa, our tiny little angel, we will be with you forever.
Thanks to all the prayers, love and support of our families and friends. Thanks to all the love we received from Non and Poppy, Vovó e Vovô, our brothers and sisters.
And special  thanks to Padre Ricardo who arrived at the hospital to pray to her soul..
Love Mae, Pai and Clara.


January 29, 2010

Vovó e Vovo and friends

 Tia Antonia went to see us at the breastfeeding bank. !
Good conversation, nice little mom advices and little, litlle clothes....Thanks!

On 28th: Visit from Vovó e Vovo and friends: Fla, Alezinho e Paula. Tks!!!!!

January 25, 2010


Clara, nasci 3h39 com 1.085gr e 35,5cm. Estou bem fazendo os mês exames. Papai e mamãe estão comigo. Felizes.


Oi eu sou a Luisa, nasci 3h45, com 850gr e com 33,5 cm. Estou bem fazendo meus exames. Mamãe e Papai estão bem pertinho e felizes. :)

January 08, 2010

Bed Rest - part II

We are going to stay at home until next exam... the girls are ok. One of them is with the head downwards and the other is sitting up.

January 02, 2010