December 29, 2009

December 27, 2009

Gordo & Dada - 5pm coffee break !!!

Xmas gift to the girls!!! Thanks!

organizing all the gifts!!!!!

...being espoiled already...

Tia Elaine, Tia Sandra, Tia Elisa e Tia Cristina...Thanks!!

Elaine's mom did by herself !!! Beautiful! Thanks!

Tia Antonia, Tia Maristela, Tia Claudia e Tia Denise...Thanks!

Tia Paulinha e Tia Camila !! Thanks!

December 26, 2009

best part of bed rest ... friends

Alvaro, Fla e Ale!!! Cheers!
Ale was expecting a fatter, fatter Cris!!!! hehehee

Cris Calderon!!!

Jo and Elaine:: arab food to finish the night!


BoxingDay - Nan and Pop

Thanks!! We loved! The girls are going to look prettier with these gifts!!!! Thanks!!!!

December 25, 2009

at night... Roberto Carlos 2009

to Mr.Glen Stephen Heal


Xmas Lunch with the kids

Tia Eni, Tio Ricardo, Tia Cristina, Tio Junior and Tia Sheila with the kids!!!

Xmas Eve at home... great!

Bed rest with Xmas and family! Great combination!!
Tia Cris, Tio Ricardo, Paola, Samira, Tio Junior e Tia Sheila.
Thank you for making my Xmas Night so special!! :>))))

preparing Xmas at home...

she said my nose is getting bigger ?! do you think ?!

Tia Flavia came to have lunch with me and we watch "slumdog millionaire". hehehe

December 23, 2009

23 weeks !!! Congrats Girls!

DATE___WEEKS_____MONTHS___DAYS____%Complet____To Go
4a F___23-dez-09___ 5,37____161______ 56,9%_______43,1%

December 21, 2009

Bed Rest by Dad

My love,
Some guidelines from the web .....
This is for the easiest level of bed rest ... Modified Bed Rest..
You dont want to see the rules for .... Strict bed rest or Complete Bedrest !!!

Do I have to stay in bed all day or can I move around? This will depend on the reason your health care provider has prescribed bed rest for you.

If your health care provider has advised you to rest most of the time, the following activity guidelines may apply to you.

Permitted activities:
* Short walk to the bathroom
* Sitting in a chair up to one hour
* Short walks in your home (no longer than 15 minutes)
* Standing for short periods of time in your home (no longer than 30 minutes)
* Working at a desk for less than one hour, but only if there is no stress
* Limited stair climbing
* A brief shower once a day

Activities that are not permitted:
* Activity that lasts more than one hour
* Heavy lifting
* Placing anything in your vagina
* Sexual activity

Your health care provider will be able to give you specific information about your medical condition and activity level.

te amo,
Glen ( ps: dont tell Dr Lana I read it on the internet !! )

December 18, 2009

Dr. Lana: Go home

Mommy has to rest... at home.

Dra. Lana asked me: "Do you know what bed rest means?" - She said bed, bed, bed, parties, no happy hours, no dinners, no bank, no shopping mall, no restaurant, no drugstore: delivery service and friends at home !!!!

Xmas? At home.
New Year's Eve ? At home.

Girls: 22w+1d


Clara 26 cm ( F1 )
Luisa 25 cm ( F2 )
approx. 500 gr

Beauty !

December 16, 2009

Daddy is an expert!

Oi minha amorzinha,

My love,... So apparently the babies legs have grown a bit longer now and they can kick each other !!. But dont worry, apparently the bags are very flexible and there is no problem as they can not put their feet through the embryonic sacs !!

Also their growth rate starts to slow down a bit now ... so maybe the barriguda wont keep growing at the same rate ...

te amo,

Whitches Night!

The First Xmas Preview Night with Mommy's friend !

Girls 22w older

Mommy 69.8 fatter

December 12, 2009

Nan and Pop Xmas gifts

Glen, i could not resist and i opened the parcel. Gifts from Bob and
Gloria to the girls, to me - beauty - and to Glen . They are under the
tree waiting you to be opened.

Girls, we are going to wait till BoxingDay to open yours!!!! :>>)

Gloria, we loved.

December 07, 2009

Denise, Le e Mathias visiting Mommy... 4.67 months already!!!

DATE___WEEKS_____MONTHS___DAYS____%Complet____To Go
2a F___7-dez-09___ 4,67____ 145 ______ 51,2%_______48,8%

Relaxing at Ibirapuera Park

Changing routines, no more 1hour walking, more relaxing than walking on the park - Breakfast includes orange juice with beetrout and scrambled eggs !!!

December 03, 2009

3 years together waiting for you!

Daddy sent us flowers!!!!!!
" Oi minha amorzinha,

Super official ... 3 anos, super feliz, super gemeas, super famalia OBA !!!

super amor !

December 02, 2009

20 weeks with Clara and Luisa - and 03 years with Daddy

My love, I always take 03 Dec to be our anniversary. I think as that was the
date of the big party with all our friends/family its more like the wedding date than
the cartorio signing on Dec 02. So happy cartorio anniversary for today!! And a
big anniversary kiss for tomorrow !

te amo,

cabeludo ou careca!!! With or without hair!!!!

Oi minha amorzinha,

Check out this photo of your cabeludo amorzinho .. September 1965 ..

So lets see ... how much hair will F1 and F2 have ???

te amo,
Glen - sept/1965

20 weeks - 68,2 kg

Congrats Girls!!!!!!!!!

Big news: 20 weeks with official names, discussed with daddy - of course - LUISA AND CLARA.

mom and dad